Blessed with an Angel and a RainbowEvidence of Jesus’ Love for Both Humans and Their Animals【電子書籍】[ James Robert Waugh ]

<p>My book is about the following: My mother going into the hospital and literally dying 3 times and returning each time to this world. Growing up with extreme allergies An angel that appeared as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit; she had a last question to relay to my mother. The inside of an asthma inhaler (canister) that somehow popped out of the outside plastic holder. It had a special number on it when found on a special holiday. The warnings of The Book of Revelation and wondering if I had said anything during my mothers eulogy that could have caused me to be cursed, due to the serious eye problems I began having after the funeral. I had seen over a dozen ophthalmologists over the next five years. Again, my asthma inhaler canister has a very special number at a very significant religious time. A very special cat that I considered my pal and buddy. He lived to be about 105 or 110 years in human years. The scene on the cover of this book which shows the top of the trees that turned gold and the RAINBOW that all appeared within minutes of each other the day Wheatie-Boy passed on. Calling my oldest brother to see if he minded me writing a Christian book at this time. He did not mind. Then, minutes later wondering if God wanted me to write a book. Within about 15 minutes of getting off the phone with my brother; the phone rang and it was a representative of WestBow Publishing Company wanting to know if I was currently writing or contemplating writing any Christian books; I had contacted them 2 years and one month before. Other miraculous signs that made me feel very blessed. 22 critically important topics with applicable Bible verses bolded. PRAISE JESUS, YAHWEH, AND THE HOLY GHOST!</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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